Somos un estudio de diseño meditado, fotografía y comunicación visual. 
El Nogal, Bogotá.


︎︎︎  Espacio Odeón
︎︎︎  Felipe Arturo
︎︎︎  Ambulante
︎︎︎  Bar-On
︎︎︎  Lokkus
︎︎︎  M3
︎︎︎  44SN
︎︎︎  TedX Mujeres

︎︎︎  Azahar
︎︎︎  La Cesta
︎︎︎  Mano de buey
︎︎︎  Panis
︎︎︎  Alelú
︎︎︎  Marie Antoinette
︎︎︎  San Alberto
︎︎︎  La Romana
︎︎︎  La Bottega
︎︎︎  Salma Falafels
︎︎︎  Alegra
︎︎︎  Amolde

︎︎︎  Bojayá renace
︎︎︎  Una Nueva Piel
︎︎︎  Museo Migrante
︎︎︎  Recon
︎︎︎  Servicio Jesuita
︎︎︎  BID
︎︎︎  Tamandúa
︎︎︎  ???
︎︎︎  ???

︎︎︎  Caz
︎︎︎  Tridilab
︎︎︎  Circula
︎︎︎  Café Lavé
︎︎︎  U-Wash
︎︎︎  Mente Fértil
︎︎︎  Altra
︎︎︎  Verónica Rankin
︎︎︎  Green Raw Beauty
︎︎︎  HS2E
︎︎︎  Reverso

Edition 2
EOI 2019 ++
  1. Douglas Adams
  2. Terence McKenna
  3. P.B. Shelley
  4. Bruno Schulz
  5. Nicola Tesla
  6. Olaf Stapledon
  7. G.M. Hopkins
  8. Buckminster Fuller
  9. James Joyce
  10. Richard Feynman

Object Int’l —
  1. A rock is a perfect metaphor, an allegory in volume. When placed its sculptural limits beget a kind of artistic proposition — and when considered with reduced anthropomorphism and ungeologically — produce a ready-made analog to the causation and bounds of our attempts at the understanding of all things.


2. Walter Pater

WP / 1873
From Studies in the History of the Renaissance

            Like the elements of which we are composed, the action of these forces extends beyond us; it rusts iron and ripens corn. Far out on every side of us those elements are broadcast, driven by many forces; and birth and gesture and death and the springing of violets from the grave are but a few out of ten thousand resultant combinations. That clear, perpetual outline of face and limb is but an image of ours, under which we group them - a design in a web, the actual threads of which pass out beyond it.